Ron and his team have represented literally hundreds of Georgia based individuals and businesses, in the following practice areas:

Image: Practice areas of Ron Reemsnyder, Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney

Personal Injury

  • I have worked on many cases involving automobile accidents where I was able to recover the full amount of medical expenses, damages for a loss of consortium for spouses, future medical expenses, lost wages and/or money from your own uninsured motorist carrier. I have also helped clients with many other types of claims including slips/falls, premises liability, medical malpractice, drug claims, boating accidents, pool drownings, inhalation injury, etc. While each personal injury claim is unique, I have a broad range of experience.
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Commercial Litigation

  • Our primary goal is always to help you. If you are the owner of a business, you know that business disputes can easily disrupt your internal operations and cause worry among yourself and your employees. You worked hard to build your business, and you do not want it to suffer due to legal issues with departing employees, shareholder disputes, contract disputes, equipment failures, litigation claims or for any of the other reasons that frequently arise in the corporate world.
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Wills, Living Wills and Powers of Attorneys

  • Death is a sensitive subject for all of us. We will help you prepare for the future by preparing a Will so that your desires regarding the distribution of your estate are fulfilled to your exact wishes. Without a Will, the law in Georgia will determine how your estate will be distributed, and you may be leaving out loved ones or including individuals whom you do not want to receive your property. Of equal importance is instructing your Executor regarding the guardianship of any minor children – a decision you certainly want to make for yourself. We can help tailor your Will, Advance Health Care Directive (a/k/a Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney) and/or Power of Attorney so that your rights and wishes are properly protected.
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Contractor/Construction Litigation

  • Unfortunately, many businesses and homeowners are faced with construction that was not built to code, was not properly designed, or was not built with the proper materials. Whether you are a builder or a buyer, I can meet with you discuss your options and give you advice on how to resolve your claim. Georgia has specific laws (including notice provisions) detailing how to deal with builders and contractors. There are important steps that need to be followed prior to filing a lawsuit, and that is why it is important to meet with an Attorney early on so that this matter can get resolved as quickly as possible.
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Debt Collection

  • If you’re a small business owner, it is extremely frustrating when you’ve invoiced a customer and sent past due notices only to be completely ignored or told continuously that the payments are coming when they’re not. On the other hand illness or the loss of key customers can leave a business unable to pay its bills. Whether you are a claimant or a struggling debtor, I will meet with you to go over your unpaid bills, and determine the best strategy for you. I can also review any promissory notes or invoices upon which collection efforts will be based.
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Professional Malpractice

  • When you hire a licensed Professional you expect to get services from someone who is appropriately trained and will provide you with services that meet the professional standard of care. I know how devastating it can be to your health and/or finances when you not only don’t get the quality professional service you paid for, but also have your condition made worse by malpractice. Whether you have been damaged by a medical professional, accountant or attorney, I can help you in this stressful time by meeting with you and going over the details of your situation.
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Insurance Claims

  • Personally negotiating with an insurance company can be a very stressful experience. Insurance adjustors may not offer adequate compensation to you. Paying out the least money possible to resolve your claim is an insurance adjustor’s main priority. Many times people are also denied claims because of ambiguous policy language they cannot even understand. I can meet with you and go over your insurance policy to make sure you are not being denied anything you deserve. I will also help to maximize your claim, and minimize your stress.
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Non-Compete, Confidentiality and Employment Agreements

  • Whether you’re an Employer or an Employee, an employment contract including confidentiality and non-compete provisions will likely be of great concern to you. When you’re looking to hire a new employee, you want to make sure that your company, its trade secrets, business plans, client lists, etc. are adequately protected before you bring someone new into the fold. You also have to balance your interests against the fact that there are limitations under the law on what you can do when creating your employment agreement, and you do not want to inadvertently draft an agreement that is void or only partially enforceable. Hiring an Attorney to review and/or create employment contracts can be a valuable investment for employers and employees. It is important to act now and make sure that you are protected.
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