Our primary goal is always to help you. When you hire a licensed Professional you expect to get services from someone who is appropriately trained and will provide you with services that meet the professional standard of care. I know how devastating it can be to your health and/or finances when you not only don’t get the quality professional service you paid for, but also have your condition made worse by malpractice.

Whether you have been damaged by a medical professional, accountant or attorney, I can help you in this stressful time by meeting with you and going over the details of your situation. Professionals have a standard of care which they must meet when providing services to you. In many professional malpractice cases an expert in the same field is needed to testify that the professional’s conduct did not meet the required standard of care. With years of litigation experience I can find an appropriately qualified expert to evaluate your claim and provide testimony.

Filing a lawsuit against a licensed professional can often be a very costly and lengthy process because of the need for expert testimony, so I will work with you to make sure that litigation is the best option for you. We will lay out the various possibilities and give your our professional opinion on the merits of your case so that you can make the ultimate decision on what course to pursue.

There is no harm in hiring an attorney early on to represent you. In fact, it may be better for your case to hire an attorney promptly so that memories are fresh and the proper evidence can be gathered and preserved. Because our fees are on a contingent fee basis for malpractice cases, it will not cost you more to hire us early on and it likely will help your claim.

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