Ron Reemsnyder is ready to help you with Non-Compete Employment Agreements and Confidentiality Contracts. Our primary goal is always to help you. Whether you’re an Employer or an Employee, an employment contract including confidentiality and non-compete provisions will likely be of great concern to you. When you’re looking to hire a new employee, you want to make sure that your company, its trade secrets, business plans, client lists, etc. are adequately protected before you bring someone new into the fold. You also have to balance your interests against the fact that there are limitations under the law on what you can do when creating your employment agreement, and you do not want to inadvertently draft an agreement that is void or only partially enforceable.

Additionally, you may have an employee who has left your company and is violating your employment agreement. You may need help with making sure that they comply with their employment agreement so that your business is not harmed by their departure.

I can meet with you and look over any non-compete, confidentiality and employment agreements you currently have in place or I can help you create those documents so that you and your company will be properly protected. I can also review the employment agreements of employees who have departed the company, and we can discuss whether or not your former employees are breaching their prior agreements. We can discuss what the best strategy is to keep you and your company protected. I will let you know what the legal limitations are regarding your rights as a current or former employer.

As an employee, we will be happy to review your proposed or current employment agreement so that the employer gets the protections it needs without over doing it and hampering your ability to change positions and better yourself.

Hiring an Attorney to review and/or create Non-Compete contracts can be a valuable investment for employers and employees. It is important to act now and make sure that you are protected.

Contact Ron about your Non-Compete Agreement requirement right now.

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