Ron Reemsnyder is a top Dawsonville and Atlanta GA motorcycle accident attorney.  Personal injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents include brain and spinal cord injuries, fractures, abrasions, and more.

There are lots of people who love to do their travelling on two wheels instead of on four wheels. If you are a motorcycle lover, you need to appreciate that motorcycle riders face a higher risk of personal injury than do drivers of other vehicles. Despite this fact, few people appreciate just how big the risk really is. Sadly, the risk of a motorcyclist suffering a fatal crash is 35 times higher than the risk for someone driving a car.

Dawsonville GA Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The biggest cause of motorcycle accidents is drivers of other vehicles. It is all too common for someone to accidentally hit a motorcyclist and then say “I didn’t see him!” Wearing a helmet decreases the risk by 35%; however, the majority of head injuries are unavoidable even if the rider’s head is protected. Only attentive driving by other users of the road and proper design of roads and bikes can truly prevent motorcycle injuries. If you get injured while on your motorcycle, Ron Reemsnyder can help you get appropriate compensation.

Personal injuries are classified as “catastrophic” when they have an immediate or expected long-term impact on a person’s quality of life. Catastrophic injuries extend beyond whiplash and back injuries and include spinal cord & nerve damage (including paralysis), burn injuries, accidental loss of limbs or sight, and serious head and brain injuries.

Even when these injuries are not permanent, the recuperation process will still demand significant time and commitment, as well as financial & medical resources—together placing a substantial burden on the injured person as well as family members.

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