As a leading Dawsonville Personal Injury law firm, our primary goal is always to help you. If you or a loved one have been injured, we know that this is a time of great stress for you and your family because injuries are both physically and emotionally taxing. You may be worrying about the fact that you are unable to work because of your injuries while at the same time incurring hundreds of dollars in medical bills that you cannot pay. Whether the personal injuries are permanent or temporary, they are always upsetting and damaging. I want to work with you to help ease the burden your injuries may cause you and your family through these difficult times and to help ensure that you get fully compensated.

Dawsonvile GA Personal Injury Lawyer

It is my practice to meet early on with personal injury clients so that we can discuss the basics facts of your situation and see how we can best serve you. If you agree to retain my services, my team and I will immediately begin investigating your case and we will work with you to gather the appropriate records (e.g. police report, medical bills, repair bills, etc.), interview witnesses, hire the appropriate experts, and, if necessary, file a lawsuit on your behalf. All key decisions will be ultimately up to you. I will get your approval for all large expense items and you will have the final say on all settlement offers. This is your case, and we are here to work for you.

I have worked on many cases involving automobile accidents where I was able to recover the full amount of medical expenses, damages for a loss of consortium for spouses, future medical expenses, lost wages and/or money from your own uninsured motorist carrier. I have also helped clients with many other types of claims including slips/falls, premises liability, medical malpractice, drug claims, boating accidents, pool drownings, inhalation injury, etc. While each personal injury claim is unique, I have a broad range of experience.

Waiting to contact a Dawsonville personal injury lawyer is rarely in your best interest because you may lose the opportunity to collect valuable information for your case. Evidence can disappear and witnesses’ memories can fade so it is best to hire an attorney right away so that the most pertinent information regarding your case gets properly preserved. Hiring an Attorney early on also does not prejudice you in any way because we work on a contingent fee basis for Plaintiffs’ cases and it does not cost you any extra money to retain us today.

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