As a premiere Dawsonville GA estate planning attorney, our primary goal is always to help you. Death is a sensitive subject for all of us. We will help you prepare for the future by preparing a Will so that your desires regarding the distribution of your estate are fulfilled to your exact wishes. Without a Will, the law in Georgia will determine how your estate will be distributed, and you may be leaving out loved ones or including individuals whom you do not want to receive your property. Of equal importance is instructing your Executor regarding the guardianship of any minor children – a decision you certainly want to make for yourself. We can help tailor your Will, Advance Health Care Directive (a/k/a Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney) and/or Power of Attorney so that your rights and wishes are properly protected.

I will meet with you to go over the size of your estate and discuss what your estate planning options are, and we will also provide you with an Estate Planning Questionnaire so that you can detail how you want your assets to be distributed upon your death. I can also discuss with you whether or not you would like an Advance Health Care Directive and/or a Power of Attorney. I can also go over your current property deeds with you to ensure that the ownership of your property is truly how you want it.

Dawsonville GA Estate Planning Lawyer

I have helped to create many Wills, Advance Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorneys for individuals who have never had any of those documents before. I can go over each estate planning document with you to help you fully understand what each document will do for you and what the laws are regarding your estate. I have also helped to update Wills from different states, whose Wills did not fully comply with the requirements in Georgia. I have also updated old Wills which had provisions that were outdated (i.e. the inclusion of ex-spouses, the exclusion of children who were not yet born, etc.).

Most people want to plan for their future, but many do not take the time to actually do it or they think that there will be a more appropriate time and wait. But if you are an adult you should take the time to create a Will with an Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney so that you can rest easy that your estate will be distributed in the manner that you want and that your loved ones are protected.

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