As a Dawsonville GA construction litigation attorney, our primary goal is always to help you. Unfortunately, many businesses and homeowners are faced with construction that was not built to code, was not properly designed, or was not built with the proper materials. Owning real property is a valuable investment, but construction that was not built to proper standards can quickly become a money pit. If you are an architect/builder you know that economic issues may result in your not getting paid even when you have fully performed.

Dawsonville GA Construction Disputes or Contract Dispute Attorney

Whether you are a builder or a buyer, I can meet with you discuss your options and give you advice on how to resolve your claim. Georgia has specific laws (including notice provisions) detailing how to deal with builders and contractors. There are important steps that need to be followed prior to filing a lawsuit, and that is why it is important to meet with an Attorney early on so that this matter can get resolved as quickly as possible. Litigation may not even be necessary as the builder and/or contractor can be given the opportunity to fix the problem prior to the filing of a lawsuit, and this can save you a lot of time and money as litigation is often very costly. Also, in construction litigation it is important to have a lawyer find the appropriate experts to examine the construction so that if litigation is necessary they can testify as to the exact problems. If the contractor comes back to fix the problems the expert can verify that it is being done properly and in compliance with code.

If you attempt self help by simply not paying the architect, contractor, and/or materialman for their supplies and services you may cause even more problems. Liens can be filed, and often times it will require costly litigation to get a disputed lien removed. Let us help you as soon as you discover the construction problems, so that we can get the issues resolved as soon as possible and hopefully avoid lengthy litigation.

If you are an Architect, builder and/or material man who haven’t been paid, you may wish to do more than file a lien. We can help you collect.

Dawsonville Construction Accident Lawyer

If you have had a an accident on a construction site. Contact us immediately.

My Firm and I have handled many cases from residential construction to multimillion dollar commercial properties. We have also arbitrated and mediated many claims and are familiar with both sides of construction claims.

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