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“Ron Reemsnyder was recommended to me as an attorney that was qualified to handle a significant corporate business issue of mine. I required legal assistance in Georgia, but that was not in the State I lived in. I heard he was qualified and successful in the area I required assistance. I hired Ron. He did great work for me, and achieved the results that I’d hoped for, at a reasonable fee. I found Ron to be very thorough and reliable throughout the process. He kept the interest of me and my associates up front. I certainly appreciate the work he did for me.” David Winfield, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer (see LinkedIn)

“I’ve worked with Ron for 4 years and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, higly connected, fun to work with and scrupulous in minimizing my legal costs. I have used him extensively on contracts and legal opinion. He is one of my most important business resources and I value his services highly.” Roger Reak

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