“Ron Reemsnyder was recommended to me as an attorney that was qualified to handle a significant corporate business issue of mine. I required legal assistance in Georgia, but that was not in the State I lived in. I heard he was qualified and successful in the area I required assistance. I hired Ron. He did great work for me, and achieved the results that I’d hoped for, at a reasonable fee. I found Ron to be very thorough and reliable throughout the process. He kept the interest of me and my associates up front. I certainly appreciate the work he did for me.”
David Winfield, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer (see LinkedIn)

“I’ve worked with Ron for 4 years and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, higly connected, fun to work with and scrupulous in minimizing my legal costs. I have used him extensively on contracts and legal opinion. He is one of my most important business resources and I value his services highly.”
Roger Reak, (see LinkedIn)

“Ron gets consistent quality results on difficult cases whether they’re ultimately settled or tried. He provides detailed information throughout the case from which critical decisions can be made. Some lawyers are great at litigating a case, but don’t have the requisite personality to connect with jurors. Only a few select lawyers can do both. Ron is one of them.”
John Graham, (see LinkedIn)

“Ron and I were on opposite sides in a complex computer-services negligence claim. After a considerable amount of discovery, Ron and I were able to resolve the case at mediation. Ron is an extremely competent, courteous and professional attorney. He fought hard for his clients and achieved the best result possible in a difficult situation. I do not hesitate in the least in recommending him as an excellent commercial litigator.”
Render Freeman, (see LinkedIn)

“Ron has done work for my company on a few occasions. Ron’s attention to detail, prompt execution of matters at hand and effective results in each case are compelling reasons to recommend Ron Reemsnyder for legal services. I will use Ron for any legal services I may require in the future.”
Keith Hart, (see LinkedIn)

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